Line marking

Line marking is a specialty of ours, and not just in car parks – our passion and talent reach far beyond!

We can and have marked pretty much any surface required by our clients  – yes we’ve even marked out car parks in grass!

Our initial site visit is not only to give you a price but to ascertain the condition of the substrate. Your site might be brand new and just need us to set out and mark, your site might be in good condition and a straight forward line marking renewal job.

Some sites need pressure cleaning to remove loose flaking paint, oil, grime, mould etc. Removing contaminants is highly important and we always recommend you do so. A clean surface promotes best adhesion of  line marking and saves you money and the cheap look of flaking, fading paint!

We can mark the smallest amount of spaces or the largest. Directional arrows, disabled car parking spaces, visitor parking spaces, custom text are all available.

We have completed works for children’s play areas; including setting out and marking hop scotch, snakes and ladders to playing courts and fields. (netball, basketball, soccer etc).

In the last 12 months we have ventured further into line marking helipads for hospitals. We love a challenge.

When we say no job is too big or small we mean it!

If you are here for car park line marking take a look at our accompanying products to complete your professional car park.

Wheel stops, bollards, convex mirrors, parking space protectors, speed humps, signs, the options are endless! We offer supply only or supply and install in our safety shop.

Line marking removal also available!

We carry out line removal in a number of ways.
We are happy to offer advice as to the best method to suit the individual needs of our clients, and our methods are environmentally friendly.
– Vacuum assisted grinding for environmental protection and safety – this catches the dust so it doesn’t get into the environment.
– High pressure water blasting with vacuum assist. for a large job where time is a critica  l factor this is a superior option to grinding and requires the use of a specialised machine – 40,000PSI.
– The most cost effective method is greying/ blacking out. This involves painting over the lines with RMS approved black paint.

Via Vacuum Assisted Grinding

Line marking removal



Via High Pressure Blasting - 40,000PSI

Line marking removal


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