Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning services provided to domestic and commercial customers right across Sydney.
Using top of the range equipment combined with years of knowledge guarantees you the best end result.
With years of experience dealing with all substrates, we are confident in the best way to work to ensure no damage to yours.
Cleaning your building removes all the dust, dirt and cobwebs. Yes – your property can look like new, without picking up a paint brush!
We also clean a lot of loading docks and  industrial yards to remove grease, oil & grime.
Pressure cleaning your surfaces (whether it be home/ office/ pathway/ driveways etc) is not only aesthetically pleasing – it can be a safeguard against slips and trips.
Removing mould from pathways is incredibly important, as they can be extremely slippery. Needless to say the path looks like new but most importantly you are clear of any personal injury and potential injury claims.
As with all of our services we work outside the square – we have pressure cleaned earth moving machinery, smoke damaged properties and helipads! No surface is outside our capabilities and your surface is safe in our hands!
We are equipped to pressure clean with hot or cold water and we use a variety of products to achieve the best result.
Have vandalism on your property? Graffiti removal – get both services completed at once and have a property you can be proud of!
Need anti slip treatments or epoxy coatings?

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    We can use hot or cold water to remove mould, grime, grease, rust stains,efflorescence and other foreign matter from any surface such as pavers, concrete, sandstone, marble etc.

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    We can also offer sealing of your surface once it is clean for added, long lasting protection

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