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Expanding Barriers

Expanding Barriers

Here you will find our extensive range of expanding barriers

  • Belt (Pilot System)- useful in a wide range of situations for access restriction & pedestrian control. expanding up to 10m.
  • Standard expanding barrier -3 or 6 metre lengths
  • Utility – 3 sides that expand to 2.6m each, designed with small worksites in mind (think man holes, storm water drains etc)
  • Flexible – designed with uneven floors in mind!
  • Maxi – when you need heavy duty
  • Mobile – easily transported, highly visible
  • Portable pit surrounds – eliminate some of the hazard involved in working in an open pit
  • Plastic – Easily portable; weighing in at 3kg, comes complete with carry handle
  • Telescopic doorway¬† – simple yet effective access control. Roll up and store when not in use
  • Accessories

These products are versatile and suited for indoor or outdoor use.

Purchase and use with confidence.

Shopping centres, supermarkets, work sites, industrial and factory application or anywhere else you need to restrict access.

Have a look at individual products in this category for detailed information on each expanding barrier.

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