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Anti Slip Stair Nosing – FRP

$34.00$49.00 ex. GST

Sold per metre & cut to size Glow in the dark also available



Stair nosing FRP is available in 70, 100, 150 and 230mm. Do contact us if you would like it in a different size or material.

FRP (Fibre reinforced polymer) is a long service life yet low maintenance material. Offering Slip resistance, high corrosion resistance, light but strong impact strength. It is non conductive, sparking nor magnetic. Fire resistance and low thermal conductivity!

Our FRP70 stair nosing is designed to minimise slipping, tripping and at the same time highlighting the step edge. FRP70 stair nosingĀ  is available in standard or heavy duty silicon carbide anti slip grit. Finished product when delivered and can be used immediately.

FRP100 stair nosing can be installed to just about any stair tread requiring slip protection and highlighting of the step edge. FRP100 is available with a heavy duty silicone oxide grit suitable for use in the most demanding environments.

FRP150 is available inĀ  yellow or black and yellow contrasting nose, this is particularly suited if delineation is of concern. FRP150 is available with a heavy duty silicone carbide anti slip grit

FRP230 is available in safety yellow and has a heavy duty silicon carbide grit. Product is finished when delivered and ready for use immediately.

Fixings are not included. All are sold per metre & can be cut to size. 150 & 230mm are available in up to 2 metre lengths. 70 & 100mm are available in up to 3.6metres.

Glow in the dark also available!


  • Chequered Plate/ Steel: Glue and screw with Tek screws
  • Concrete: Glue and screw with self tapping concrete screws.
  • Timber: Fix with suitable timber screws
  • Grated Stairs or Grille: Fit with Universal saddle assembly