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Bollard Cam Lok Removable- Surface Mount

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Bollard Cam Lok Removable – Surface Mount

These bollards are designed for applications where the floor cannot be core drilled or penetrated. In areas where suspended or pre-stressed slabs exist. In clean areas such as food preparation or pharmaceutical processing.

They are available in two different models, the Cam lok and the Tee lok.

Structurally both models are identical but offer different locking systems depending on the level of security required. Cam lok is a heavy duty bollard that locks into the surface mounted receiver shoe via an internal locking system which utilizes a high security cam lock with registered keys.  Additional keys may be purchased if required. Fixings for receiver shoe’s are inaccessible when the post is locked in place.

Additional receiver shoes can be purchased and used as storage units for bollards.

Available in galvanised, galvanised & powder coated, galvanised & custom colour and also stainless steel – it is easy to find one to suit your needs.

Cam lok comes with only the very highest quality ‘Bi-lock’ removable core lock mechanisms with security registered keying. These are very expensive and make up a substantial part of the cost of the finished bollard. If you don’t need registered keys for the best security you’ll be please that we have an economy version.

These surface mount removable bollards come in one size, 90mm. Two keys are supplied with every order, additional can be purchased.

Additional keys and receiver shoes available here

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