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Dock Safe Q Portable Dock Barrier

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Dock Safe Q Portable Dock Barrier

Light weight rapid deployment temporary safety portable dock barrier system. Prevent people tripping or falling from elevated loading docks. Dock Safe Q has two available parts (ordered separately). Panels are polyethylene 1m x 2.130 wide, high visibility orange. Use the panels with or without rubber receiver blocks. Core drill 50mm diameter holes into the floor to receive panel posts. The panels are quickly placed and removed as required. Dock Safe receiver is a moulded rubber block. Mount it directly to the face of your loading dock. This receiver also acts as a heavy duty dock bumper. The Dock-Safe-Q panel then simply drops into sockets in the receiver. Panels can be quickly removed & replaced if required for vehicle access. Panels can be used without rubber receiver blocks. Place & remove panels quickly without tools. Removed panels stack flat (Load Safe Q) available for trucks.

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