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Load Safe Q Portable Truck Barrier

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Temporary edge protection system for truck trays

Load Safe Q Portable Truck Barrier is designed to be housed at transport loading point. Can be rapidly deployed on any truck that utilises conventional tie-down rails. Thereby eliminating the risk of dangerous falls. The unique cast aluminium panel brackets have been configured to work with most tray and curtain sided trucks. Two brackets per panel are positioned onto the tie-down rails, the panel is then simply located into the brackets. Once the panel is installed the bracket is locked in place and cannot be removed without first removing the panels. Panels are also secured to each other by an adjustable snap latch at the top of each panel. Note: Load-Safe is a fall arrest system. It is not intended for use as a load restraint. It is deployed onto the stationary vehicle while loading/unloading goods and then removed before the vehicle exits the location.


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