Safety Services

Safety services we offer include tailor made services to suit all budgets and requirements.
Clients often send us their WHS reports and say what items can you take care of for us? Due to the broad scope of our services and the variety of our products there is usually very little we can’t fix for them.
  • Grinding down trip hazards
  • Create ramps to make surfaces more even and accessible
  • Identifying and creating demarcation lines near cracks, ledges or potential hazards with yellow paint
  • Anti slip surfaces – whether coatings or products are used we can help you achieve an anti slip surface.

Epoxy coatings

Epoxy floor coatings give a hard wearing chemical resistant decorative finish to floors. We can apply them for you in many areas; such as factories and warehouses, food processing plants, walkways, car parks, kitchens offices etc.

Anti-slip flooring

We offer anti-slip solutions and options for a wide variety of industries; including food, hospitals and clinics, public buildings, commercial businesses and of course strata & residential.
Anti-slip surfaces safeguard you against slips and trips and provide safe working and living environments.
Consultation available, and recommended. We will assess your site and provide our input into which treatment or product will provide you the safest and best outcome.
Anti-slip treatments can alter the finished surface of your flooring so it is highly important to engage a trusted and experienced contractor to complete your works.
Get in contact and see what we can do for you today!
  1. Epoxy-Pit-A
  2. Epoxy-Pit-B
  1. Hospital-Safety-marking-A
  2. Hospital-Safety-marking-B
  1. Resin-Floor-B
  2. Resin-Floor-A
  1. industrial-floor-plate
  2. anti-slip-stair-nosing-1

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